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  • Desktop PC Cases - Tips for Choosing Gaming PC Cases Computers Articles | June 8 Cheap Yasiel Puig Jersey , 2010

    This piece looks at custom desktop PC cases and particularly looks at gaming PC cases. It offers you recommendations for how to uncover the right desktop PC for you. After looking through it, you will be able to make a much far more prepared, knowledgeable purchasing selection.

    Size is Important

    Desktop PC Cases come in various shapes and sizes. When you're shopping for your next PC case, you should already have a good idea of how much space will be required to fit all your hardware inside. In addition Cheap Sonny Gray Jersey , you'll need to consider whether you plan to upgrade (or have the option to do so) in the future. That's why I always buy the guts of my computer before buying the shell. This could save you the huge hassle of having to ship back the case when you discover that it's too small for your hardware.

    After you've picked out the hardware you want, decide how many bays you want in the case. Here's another reason why it's so important to figure out exactly what you need before you begin shopping for a case. Desktop PC cases come with differing quantities of bays, and you'll need to know how many you need. If you're one of the few folks still using floppy drives, you'll need a 3.5" bay. Hard drives are the other residents of 3.5" bays. CD and DVD drives require 5" bays.

    Ensure Your Case Works with the Motherboard

    Your motherboard is a crucial system component Cheap Anthony DeSclafani Jersey , but they are also made in varying sizes. As a result, it's important that you check to make sure it fits within your desired case. The good news is, all motherboards and cases are identified with a "form factor" which is manufacturer's sizing standard. The most common form factor is ATX If your motherboard is an ATX, this tends to provide the best versatility in selecting a Desktop case. After that Cheap Matt Kemp Jersey , you'll have much wider variety of PC cases from which to choose, since most are ATX.

    All Power Supplies are Not Created Equal

    The power supply is a crucial component for your computer, especially if you plan to build a gaming rig. If you're going to be using your computer for gaming, you should select a power supply that outputs at least 500 watts. In fact Cheap Joey Votto Jersey , even 500 watts may be insufficient if you have components with heavy power consumption.

    While many cases are shipped with a standard, stock power supply, I recommend that you buy a different one. Remember that you get what you pay for. So a free power supply is not going to satisfy you. Stock power supplies represent the least expensive option that the manufacturer had. Wouldn't it suck to be caught up in a hotly contested battle and your framerate dips to a slideshow because your video card is bottlenecking from the power supply?

    Keep it Cool

    Another important factor to consider is how you'll keep your expensive components cool. High-performance components can only maintain high-performance output if they are kept at optimum temperatures. And generally, the cooler the better. Aside from just drops in performance Cheap Jose Iglesias Jersey , overheating can cause damage to your monster machine. Fans are one way to cool your system. Be sure that the case you choose has at least 2 fans. Liquid cooling systems are very effective, as are heat sinks.

    The "Awe" Factor

    For many folks, it's important to make their PC look cool. Aside from the standard mods such as neon lights, blacklights mixed with acrylic see-through casing and neon liquid makes for a really cool computer. Some gamers swear by the effects of their case on their game! It's more expensive Cheap Scooter Gennett Jersey , but you'll love the "wow-factor" when your friends and family see it. While case bling can look really cool, it might be a little more wise to spend any leftover money on hardware upgrades instead.
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    Many online entrepreneurs have given up on their work from home online business after finding themselves spending too much money in marketing and promotion. Is this absolutely necessary? In this article you will find proven and effective ways to market your online businesses with zero cost.


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