All versions run and look great

  • Let's just be very clear here: I love The Elder Scrolls series of games. Confession: I'm still working through Skyrim though I invest the majority of my time playing with the bajillion mods out there for it vs seeking to really beat the end boss with ESOM Gold. I believe 99% of them are shallow, predatory, and usually lose their charm after about 30 minutes. Enter the 1 percent, the cell game that defies all odds: The Elder Scrolls: Blades. I absolutely love this game and can't put it down (Unless I'm waiting to start my gold mines;-RRB-

    I had hardly any expectations moving into Blades and while it's constantly improving, it is better and deeper than some fully priced names. While the gameplay and areas could be known as repetitive, it's the continuous loot and sweet personalization that makes it so appealing. And of course, polish and the level to get a cellular title is just unreal. It is free. Yep, you can spend actual hard earned bucks on jewels (the in game currency) but you definitely do not need to if you don't need to.

    Blades looks and sounds absolutely phenomenal on older phones like the 6s. I've played it on iPhone XR 6s and also the most recent iPad. All versions run and look great but I prefer to play with with it in my XR. The formally support device list are available here. Just recently, Bethesda added voice acting into the game, jewelry and more information to boot. The sport was good and it just keeps getting better. I have had countless portable games come and go from my iPhones and iPads but that really is actually the only one I open up and to be honest, I'd rather be enjoying Blades compared to my PC and PS4 these days. That has never happened before to get a grumpy gamer like myself. The Elder Scrolls: Blades is available for Android and IOS. Coming soon to Change and you may even carry your advancement over to that model when accessible...(!)

    Bethesda Games Studios chief Todd Howard said it's their second-straight No. 1 cellular game following Fallout Shelter to buy ESO Blades Gold. And an update tonight is incorporating custom stone crafting and a dragon quest lineup, and it'll also get Arena content later this season.