POE: S11 season has officially opened the announcement

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    A foreword from the official announcement:

    People always think. As you become more and more unsettled in real life, you begin to constantly break your own worldview, and when you become more and more persistent in exploring the meaning of people, until you break that mirror, you finally find that "everyone here knows everything about you Everyone here is pretending ... "



    The new spring version of "Road to Exile"-the S11 "Scared Misty" season has officially started a few days ago. Step into the world of indescribable phantoms, witness the birth of fear and defeat it! New Mist Replica, Nightmare Orb, Cluster Jewelry, Talent Tree Expansion, Another World Update, New Skills and New Assistance, Powerful New Buy POE Items waiting for you Discover, let's gather courage and face the fear together!



    "Frightened Mist" Season Play

    You will encounter the "Mist of Amazement" in the S11 season. The erosion of the mist will not only bring many new boss battles, the existing enemies will also gain fierce power, and the scary and scary lurking in the rare and legendary monster groups. Demon. Deep into the fog of horror, you can find the shards of the illusion, and combining them will produce the nightmare simulata. It will open a portal and survive the final astonishment and fog encounter.



    You can control the intensity of the startling fog by using the Frost Orb on the map of the outer world. As long as there is a Misty Orb, you can make the entire map instantly become a State of Misery and Misty for the duration. A single orb can generate a challenging encounter, and five orbs (up to five) can give a map the ultimate difficulty and ultimate reward.



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