New POE, New changes

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    The new gem system in Path of Exile 4.0 has triggered a climax of players. The new design not only brings a sense of subversion to the past, but also adds fun to the new game. More complex game designs are conducive to enhancing the sense of accomplishment of players.



    The huge changes will help players build characters and bring new gameplay. It will also bring high-risk, high- POE Exalted Orb. Thanks to this change. Players can play whatever they want, and they can implement a variety of powerful main attack methods. The most important thing is that players no longer have to worry about the matching of skill stones in order to change equipment. More intuitive DPS information display makes the game experience better.



    In addition, the game should incorporate the design of deformation. By thinking about the game, how to apply it to various scenarios and exert the maximum power of weapons. The proper use of various attack skills adds a high degree of playability to the game. And the most important point is that transformation can be achieved no matter during walking or casting skills.



    The new screen upgrades, players: stunning!

    Last year's Blizzcon had provided players with the opportunity to experience POE 4.0 in-hand. From the current official announcement and feedback from players on-site trials, the new-generation Path of Exile's picture is more quality than the previous generation Flyby, softer and natural light and shadow performance, more sophisticated and complex character models, stunning light and shadow effects, and more aggressive reward mechanisms can bring you more Path of Exile Currency. These changes will undoubtedly provide players with a more comfortable and adrenaline-soaked gaming experience.



    Although the official release date of version 4.0 cannot be determined, the preview version of 3.9 was already released in December last year. Because the development of version 4.0 has already taken up Blizzard's great resources, the new version should not meet players so soon in the near future. But players can enjoy the thrill of the game in version 3.9.