3 Tips to Get Started on Pinterest as a Corporate Business

  • Pinterest is often underestimated. Firstly because we do not know that this social network is widely used in France and around the world. But we mostly ignore that Pinterest is more than just a social network: many of its users use it as a search engine. Used properly, the platform can therefore be a master asset in your digital communication.

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    Pinterest is a social network used as a search engine. When Internet users consult one of your content, it is therefore not by accident and their attention is very strong.
    To be visible on Pinterest, there are a few golden rules to follow. First, take care of your content. These, unlike other social networks, have a long lifespan and will be viewed long after they are posted. Then, fill in the metadata (title, description and hashtags) for each of your images. For a simple reason: Google can read them, unlike your images, so they are crucial for your SEO. Finally, if you want to sell products, be sure to respect the rules of the social network: it is essential to obtain the “merchant” badge.

    Pinterest is a “ visual discovery engine for finding recipe ideas, interior decorating inspirations and looks. This is how the social network is defined on its official site . This is a very accurate definition of the real uses of the platform. People use Pinterest primarily as a search engine.

    A search engine with social features , such as comments, the ability to integrate publications on a website and shares.

    An example of cooking content published on Pinterest.
    This positioning - “ visual discovery engine ” - generates specific uses. In this case, Internet users use Pinterest for a specific purpose : to seek inspiration . Whether it is to redo your living room , find baby clothes or develop your vegetable garden brand.

    This gives an advantage to Pinterest: the content will be visible long . Much longer than on other social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

    Take care of your content (because they are visible for a very long time)
    The publications on Pinterest remain visible 4 months on average . It is therefore usually said that they have a “lifespan” of 4 months. Concretely, this is the period during which a publication is likely to be seen . Then, the publication gradually leaves its place to others, on the same subject, in the flow of users. It does not disappear, but it is no longer a priority .

    4 months of "lifespan" for a publication on a social network is important . In any case in comparison with other social networks : the "life" of a tweet is for example 18 minutes on average.

    Practical conclusion: take care of your content . When you design content on Pinterest, do it as carefully as if you were writing an article for your website . Both will in fact be consulted for many months, even years.

    Finally, remember to update them when necessary . Internet users who consult your content two years after its publication risk accessing (too) dated information.

    Integrate metadata into your images to optimize their referencing
    A single image has no impact on your web referencing . The explanation is simple: Google does not know how to read images (yet) . On the other hand, Google knows how to recognize words .

    Also, each time you post an image on Pinterest, remember to accompany this image with text data (metadata). Concretely, each time you publish an image, remember to complete the following elements:

    the title of your image;
    description of your image;
    the hashtag (s) you want to associate with it.
    These three elements are text, so Google and Pinterest can read them. So remember not only to integrate this metadata, but also to use the right keywords !

    Follow Pinterest's rules to sell your products
    You can promote your products on Pinterest. You can indeed display your products via a "pin" (content published on Pinterest) and the link that accompanies this content leads to your online store . Selling through Pinterest therefore requires that you have an online store .

    Screenshot from Pinterest showing Pins that feature products. The price of these products is displayed on each pin.
    This is not the only condition. Pinterest requires merchants to follow a number of rules :

    include the price and availability of products in the description of content published on Pinterest;
    present a clear return policy ;
    specify contact information for your customer service;
    mention the times and costs of shipping your products.