You would have to build the Fennec via a blueprint

  • Today players are looking a the Fennec, a popular car that has been in and out of the shop for some time now. Currently, you cannot find the car in the item shop. You would have to Rocket League Items build the Fennec via a blueprint when you go to your garage.

    If you haven’t managed to complete everything you were hoping to in Rocket League‘s second season, there’s still time. Psyonix has decided to extend Season 2 until April 7. This means you’ll have more time to complete challenges, rank up, and get the best rewards possible.

    If you’re wondering what those rewards might be, Psyonix answered that too, with a full breakdown of rewards for each rank as well as Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend title rewards. There are five available titles for both of these ranks.

    Rocket League Season 3 won't be fully live and LOLGA running until tomorrow, but ahead of its release, the big Season 3 update is live on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Tomorrow when the Rocket Pass goes live it will add a new car but before that this update most notably adds a brand-new trade-in system that will make it easier and more rewarding to trade-in unwanted inventory items.