Things You Must Know to Effectively Hand-Washing Your Dishes

  • It is very easy to call the professional home cleaners to sanitize or disinfect house. But, regular cleaning is really difficult. Sometimes even a small task like cleaning your dishes can be nerve-wracking. We cannot always use dish-washer for washing the dishes. And if you don’t have dishwasher at home then you must know that how quickly dishes pile up in the sink. You may clean it using dish soap and sponge, but do you think you are actually cleaning them properly? Well, handwashing dishes take extra time and energy hence, we do it hastily. And then keep thinking whether the dishes are actually cleaned or not.

    Here we have some easy tips for you to effectively clean your dishes: -

    Use hot water to remove grease and food

    The first step to effectively clean your dishes is to use hot water to remove leftover food and grease from the serving dishes. Of course, it will help in easily cleaning, but remember that hot water is not enough to sanitize your dishes.

    Wash the cleaner items first

    While cleaning the dishes, order always matters. Experts recommend to clean the dishes first that are less dirty. This way you can avoid spreading the germs and food particles and keep the dish water clean. Start with the less dirty items like cups, glass, and then move on to bowls, plates and finish with dirtiest items like pan, etc.

    There’s a difference between cleaning and sanitizing

    Well, there’s a difference between looking clean and actually clean. Of course, hot water and dish soap can help you to clean your dishes, but if you really want to keep your dishes germs-free then it requires another step. You should either use very hot water or soak your dishes into a sanitizing solution of bleach and water.

    Opt for air drying if possible

    Instead of using a germ-filled cloth to dry your washed dishes, let them air dry. Not only this will prevent the spread of germs on the dishes, but it will also take less time in drying than wiping down the each plates or dishes individually.

    Sanitize the sponge or brush regularly

    We scrub the dishes using a sponge or brush and you have probably heard that the sponge you use for washing dishes is the hotbed for potentially dangerous bacteria. And if you don’t sanitize it regularly then it will become dirtier than a toilet. All the germs will spread all over your dishes. To avoid this sanitize your sponge regularly.

    This is the best and effective way to clean your dishes. And if you are stubborn food-particles or burned pans, then you can use lemon and baking soda to clean it properly.

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