NBA 2K has work to do

  • It'll fly till it won't. Now, players locate the value proposal still. Madden used to be one of the absolute biggest blockbusters of the year every year... till it was not. It isn't even the sports sport, although it does well. Each year 2K appears to be pushing it farther, and it'll continue working, until it does not. Along those lines, individuals on gaming reddits/forums whine about how new variants are"just a roster update" That's vital if you are a sports fan! I didn't believe I wanted Madden but seeing Joe Burrow in that Madden 21 trailer got me hype even though I know NBA 2K is not that good. It may be dumb, but it is what it is.

    They care about hooking the whales. Ultimate Team manners have game, but fans like me keep buying because they're the only game in town. People here keep saying is"just a roster update" from the decades where it actually not just a roster update. I believe the problem with Madden is that it's a terrible game at its core. 2K is a game in its core, it mired in diarrhea. It also helps that basketball is easier to sim + can readily be created and scaled around one player.

    Madden has zero hooks and that they lean into MUT so much, since it is a itch as opposed to just a fun game mode. Once someone finally hits their summit in seeing the best receiver at NBA 2K inexplicably drop a pass since MT for sale 2K21 chose the defender will get his hands in the manner, and the animations lock in to this route ahead of the pass even reaches the receiver, they are not coming backagain. 2K has tons of work to do, lots of avenues to improve things, but it is not simply busted or bothersome like Madden. But that's only my experience others might disagree.

    I gotta say, you are misjudging the sports game audience. A number play just fifa or 2K and nothing else. They are the only game about every year, they care and they buy one and that or two games a year. The playerbase with this does not care enough to abandon the series since they've nowhere else to go since there's a monopoly on NBA 2Ks for your sport you like. Sure NBA reside and PES exist however they are both games. Even with monetization, both 2K and Fifa equally have gameplay.

    I think you are underestimating the number of folks who play 2K. Rather than buying games, people who will fall hundreds in MTX on it like you or I really do. And those are not even the whales, it's extremely common. I would not fret about the view of redditors, they aren't exactly the target audience for NBA 2K and I'd believe the series has issues due to not selling 43, when I did not look up numbers.NBA 2K21 cover athlete: Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard

    Dame was in scorching form before the lockdown although I don't think anyone forgot. Numbers do not even do justice to it but I will post them anyway for individuals to appreciate again. He had that 10 game stretch from mid Jan to Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins mid Feb at which he averaged 42/6/10 on 52/52/92 shooting (51.5% from three on 13 attempts per game!). Even I was pissed off watching it. You hate to see players fight it out for 48 minutes only for a bad choice to destroy it.