The Several Benefits of Thermal Printing in Retail

  • Before getting into the several benefits that this type of printing method offers, let us first discuss what a thermal printer actually is, as well as how it works. In short, a thermal printer makes use of a digital printing process whereby a printed image is produced by means of selectively heating coated thermochromic paper. This coating turns black on the areas that are heated, which then produces an image. Over the past few years, this type of printing method has seen exponential growth in popularity. In fact, most retail businesses have turned to thermal printers to assist them in creating a more efficient point-of-sale experience for customers.

    As mentioned previously, there are several benefits to utilising a thermal printer, some of which will be discussed below.

    1. The increased printing speed

    When it comes to traditional ink printers, it takes far more time for the printer to physically put the ink on the material. While it may not seem long when you are printing an assignment, for example, the wasted time can really add up when a customer is waiting for their receipt to finish printing. Whereas with the thermal printer, the ink is taken out of the equation completely.


    Thermal printers are able to print at much faster speeds than other printers, and the images dry extremely quickly. This is one of the several reasons why thermal printers are commonly used in the retail industry, whether for printing labels or receipts.


    1. Thermal printing is far more cost-effective

    Anyone that has owned a printer before in their lifetime knows how expensive it is to constantly replace an ink printer. Thermal printers, on the other hand, do not require ink. In fact, they have no consumables, other than the material being printed on. This, therefore, helps retail companies save extortionate amounts of money on their operational costs.


    1. The need for and cost of maintenance is reduced

    Unlike traditional printers, a thermal printer has far fewer moving parts, which makes them far more durable and reliable, as there is less chance of something going wrong. These types of printers are also far easier to repair, which means complicated repairs are unnecessary. Thereby, reducing the cost of maintenance, and the amount of maintenance required.


    1. The overall printing quality is improved

    One of the main reasons why the retail industry prefers to use a thermal printer over an ink printer, or other conventional printer, is due to the fact that they create clear, long-lasting images that are not only easier to read, but also better at enduring damage.


    1. The functionality and efficiency of the print is improved

    Finally, printer jams and breakdowns are far less frequent when it comes to thermal printers, as they have fewer moving parts and no consumables, as mentioned previously. Any delays related to the above, or the need to replace the paper or ink, is eliminated.

    As you can see, there are several benefits to utilising a thermal printer in the retail industry.