Why You Should opt for Window Blinds over Curtains

  • Homeowners often do not pay much attention when it comes to the windows in their homes. In fact, they often adopt whatever style the house came with, whether that is curtains, blinds, drapes, etc. However, homeowners do not realise that they are missing out on the chance to completely transform their space, improve functionality, as well as create an aesthetic that they want. Thanks to the several companies offering window blinds in Cape Town, you need not rely on the current outdated, hideous, and broken blinds you inherited with your home.

    Window blinds are an alternative to outdated window treatments and offer homeowners a wide range of benefits when installed, some of which will be discussed below. They are not only the most practical way to enhance the privacy of your home, but also but also the perfect way to control the light and temperature of the room.

    1. You are able to control the amount of light that enters the room

    One of the most common features that most homeowners require is the ability to reduce the amount of light entering a room, or to block it out completely. While both curtains and blinds can serve this purpose, curtains can only block the sun out. Whereas window blinds can be adjusted to allow as much or as little light as you require.


    1. There is a wide variety of styles, patterns, and colours

    As mentioned previously, there are several companies offering window blinds in Cape Town. Therefore, you are sure to find a supplier that has the exact style, colour, or pattern you need. Some companies even offer custom blinds!


    1. You are able to choose from several materials

    In addition to the wide variety mentioned above, you can also find window blinds in a wide range of materials, such as aluminium blinds, wooden blinds, plastic blinds, and even bamboo blinds.


    1. They offer added privacy

    When it comes to curtains, you need to close the curtain completely in order to have privacy. Whereas window blinds can simply be turned slightly down. Thereby, providing you with privacy while still allowing for light to enter your room.


    1. They are incredibly easy to maintain

    Another favourable benefit of window blinds is the fact that they require very little maintenance. In fact, a simple wipe down with a damp cloth will keep them clean and dust-free. Unlike curtains, which need to be washed more often.


    1. They are highly cost-effective

    There is no doubt that window blinds can completely transform the look and feel of a space. Especially if the previous window treatment was old drapes or outdated curtains. While blinds vary in price, depending on their colour, style, and material, they are still the most cost-effective way to maintain privacy, control the light entering the room, as well as transform the room. Think of window blinds as the face lift your home needs!

    As you can see, there are several benefits to opting for window blinds over curtains. Contact one of the several companies offering window blinds in Cape Town today!