Facts to Know About Ahmedabad Moving Companies

  • Facts to Know About Ahmedabad Moving Companies

    The reasonable relocation service best describes the way Ahmedabad movers should transport the shipment for their beneficiaries. The exception to the reasonable relocation service is the option called guaranteed move which no longer involves the respective service. Overall, Ahmedabad moving companies must transport the shipment in a timely manner. Here are some facts that all people who consider hiring a moving company should be aware of regarding the transportation part of the moving services:

    • There are situations when Ahmedabad movers simply cannot perform the transport as agreed. In such a case, it is their duty to advise the client about the non performance situation. The expenses derived from non-performance due to the inability of the mover will not be charged to the beneficiary. In addition to informing the client about the inability to perform transport, Ahmedabad moving companies must also notify the beneficiary as to the next date available for transport.

    • A very strict written record of all notifications sent to the beneficiary must be kept. Notifications may be sent using various channels of communication including telephone, fax, email, courier, in person, or certified mail with return receipt requested.

    • Ahmedabad movers must respect the dates you have agreed upon together for pickup and delivery. Sometimes, pickup and delivery are established to take place on a particular day. Other times, they are confirmed for a certain time interval between two specific dates. The bill of lading will clearly specify the dates as well as the times and they should be respected by the mover.

    • Ahmedabad moving companies are still liable for damages brought about by their inability to carry out the transport of shipment even if a new date is established for delivery. Another important aspect of shipment transportation is the fact that the beneficiary must accept the new dates for delivery. If the client is not available for delivery on the substitute dates, Ahmedabad movers have the right to keep the goods to be transported in storage at the expense of the beneficiary until a new date for delivery is agreed upon.

    • Also, you are liable for additional charges in case you fail to be available for the pickup or delivery dates established together. If your shipment has been loaded and you fail to be available for delivery, your goods can be placed in storage and the costs charged to you. Sometimes, a new delivery date can be established without any additional costs if the mover is willing and also has the possibility to delay delivery without its activity being affected in any way.


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    • Ahmedabad moving companies are also liable in case they are unable to perform for pickup and delivery as stated in the bill of lading. When beneficiaries consider that they are entitled to damages for delay of transport, they can go to court for what is called delay claims or inconvenience claims.

    Moving is a service with so many unknown factors which may trigger delay or inconvenience from both parties. However, Packers and Movers Ahmedabad moving can be a smooth transition and commercial agreement of the two parties involves, Ahmedabad moving companies and their clients, understand and respect their rights and obligations.