Comparing powdered and granular activated carbon addition

  • Concerning the lack of comprehensive study on the impact of carbon powder powdered and granular activated carbon (PAC and GAC) on AnMBR, their impact on treatment performance, mixed liquor and cake layer properties and membrane fouling behaviors were further investigated. High COD removal efficiencies (>90%) and COD converting to CH4 rates (>70%) were achieved. GAC greatly increased extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) production in mixed liquor, but significantly reduced biosolids deposited on membrane surface; while PAC largely increased proteins and polysaccharides on membrane surface. In addition, PAC decreased, whereas GAC increased particle sizes. Fouling rates showed PAC and GAC addition effectively alleviated membrane fouling at HRT 8 h, and GAC remarkably postponed the occurrence of the transmembrane pressure jump and extended membrane service time. activated carbon suppliers in uaeThis study clarified the roles of GAC and PAC on membrane fouling control over long-term operation, which provides the basis for decision-making in practical application.